Scope of CBRTI work

of images


and identification

Location with use of
UWB tags

Prediction, optimization
and building management

Internet of things

Research and Development Center

We are a team of experienced professionals working on the most advanced tech solutions in order to provide maximum security to your business. As experts, we represent the Research and Development Center of Information Technologies (CBRTI), a leader in the design of innovative detection, identification, monitoring and navigation systems. We conduct advanced research focused on creating innovative solutions in the field of ultra-modern, wireless technologies that provide protection and monitoring. All this to guarantee the highest comfort of running a business by our Clients. We design and implement state-of-the-art technologies with only one goal: to keep your business safe and secure.


Hybrid Indoor Navigation System

System lokalizacyjny UWB

UWB localisation system

Predictive, optimisation and building management system

System radiowej tomografii odbiciowej

Reflective radio tomography system

Urządzenie detekcji obiektów z zastosowaniem widzenia przestrzenngo

Object detection device using spatial vision

Projects financed by EU funds


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