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Description of the Activity

As a team of experts from the Information Technology Research and Development Center (CBRTI), we conduct advanced research and development work focused on creating new solutions in the field of wireless detection, identification and navigation systems. All this in order to increase comfort and safety of running a business by our Clients. We design and implement the newest technologies effectively and efficiently, aiming to protect your business.

RTI revolution

One of our priority projects is navigation inside closed spaces, where GPS signal is unavailable. This is an area in which CBRTI is a Polish national leader in conducting research and development works, and creating solutions based on tech called RTI (Radio Tomography Imaging). This innovative tool allows you to determine the position of a person inside a closed space, based on the analysis of the RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) signal between detection devices located on the edges of the analyzed area. The use of RTI enables precise determination of the position of a person or object that does not have any electronic device or label, i.e. a location without DFL (Device-Free Localization).

A pioneering project

The work of CBRTI experts on the use of RTI technology has already resulted in great effects. Thanks to the implementation of the project “Hybrid navigation system in buildings using intelligent image analysis methods and radio location technology”, we have created the first commercial navigation system using RTI technique. We also conduct our research works on development of an intelligent system for prediction, optimization and building management, also with the use of radio tomography. This project will allow you to manage heating, air conditioning, ventilation and lighting in buildings on the basis of proprietary hardware and algorithmic solutions.

CBRTI innovations

Our team also conducts research on the development of the latest location and identification methods using UWB (Ultra Wide Band) tags. Solutions commenced by CBRTI in the form of UWB tags and receivers, along with algorithms increasing the precision of a determined position, will potentially be used as elements of Industry 4.0.

At CBRTI, we also create new projects within high-frequency electronic circuits, embedded software, as well as proprietary computational intelligence algorithms.

What do we specialize in?

of images

Thanks to the segmentation of images obtained as part of radio tomography, our team can accurately determine the areas (positions) of people in the monitored space. We work with the application of:

  • Computational intelligence algorithms
  • Contour collection methods


– We design and create proprietary electronic systems (transmitting and receiving devices)We design electronic circuits and create multi-layer PCB layouts

  • We develop and implement elements of embedded software
  • We create and implement proprietary algorithms for image reconstruction using:
    • Computational intelligence methods
    • Statistical methods

and identification

  • We develop and create electronic systems in the area of navigation using Beacon devices.
  • We compose advanced proprietary electronic systems: Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth5
  • We design electronic circuits and create multi-layer PCB layouts
  • We create embedded software systems
  • We develop unique algorithms for navigation and identification processes

Prediction, optimization
and building management

We design and create electronic systems as part of the optimization and management of buildings in the field of:

  • heating
  • air-conditioning
  • ventilation
  • lighting

We develop advanced systems of computational intelligence algorithms to predict environmental parameters and adapt them to the individual requirements of users using fuzzy logic.

Location with use of
UWB tags

  • We create professional electronic systems (tags and receivers) for ultra-wideband signals
  • We design advanced high-frequency electronic systems
    We develop electronic components and design multi-layer PCB layouts
  • We create elements of embedded software
  • We create professional algorithms for determining the position of markers based on UWB signals

Internet of Things (IoT)

We design and implement solutions in the area of IoT in the context of measuring various environmental parameters:

  • temperature
  • pressure
  • humidity
  • gas detection

We develop proprietary transmitting systems based on Bluetooth LE and microcontrollers with extensive functions to reduce energy consumption.

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