Predictive, optimisation and building management system

The centralised building management system is one of the most complex and complementary systems in our range. It combines both the elements responsible for detection and localisation within the building, as well as systems coupling the operation of individual building functions such as lighting, heating, ventilation or air conditioning.

Thanks to specially developed comfort controllers that can be adapted to most solutions offered on the market, it has become possible to combine the potential of machine learning algorithms in the efficient management of the energy management of a building. Thanks to the constant monitoring of the environmental parameters prevailing inside (dedicated sensory platforms) and outside (access to information from weather stations), artificial intelligence is able to collect data on users’ preferences and then automatically adapt parameters to different scenarios. In addition, each of the parameters covered by the activity can be changed manually in the user panel from the server application.

The information acquired from the detection and localisation system not only provides a navigation service, but also serves to optimise energy by successively switching off electrical consumers. This process is carried out in areas of the building that are unstaffed for a certain period of time or are to be automatically deactivated outside of working hours.


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