Reflective radio tomography system

System radiowej tomografii odbiciowej foto

The radio reflection tomography system is a special variant of a navigation system that uses very high-frequency electromagnetic waves (microwaves) and the reflection properties of objects (radar technology) for tracking. The combination of these two features with tomography technology has resulted in a system with less than half a metre locating accuracy and the ability to track multiple objects simultaneously in real time. Each probe can also provide a stand-alone platform for measuring environmental parameters of the environment.

The primary feedback of the system is information on the location of users or objects that reflect electromagnetic waves well. These can be presented graphically using a dedicated server application. Depending on the chosen transmitter configuration, tracking can be carried out using either two- or three-dimensional visualisation in an isometric projection including the height of the object. As with other tomographic technologies, the identity of the system user remains anonymous.


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