Object detection device using spatial vision

Urządzenie detekcji obiektów z zastosowaniem widzenia przestrzenngo

The spatial vision object detection device allows the position of objects in three-dimensional space to be determined using implemented machine learning algorithms and through the use of a stereoscopic active optics system. By illuminating the scene with infrared light, the device is able to operate in harsh industrial environments.

Thanks to the integrated computational accelerator, the device is characterised by high reliability and the ability to operate at high speed. The installed software and object detection algorithms are optimised to run on GPUs, increasing efficiency and reducing processing time.

The device has a wide range of applications in the commercial industry, as it allows for significant improvements in the packaging and distribution processes of goods. By accurately determining the position of items, the device will be able to help automate the processes involved in packaging. It can be used in the automotive industry to determine the position of components that make up a vehicle, in the electronics industry to determine the position of components that make up printed circuit boards, and in the logistics industry to determine the position of goods in a warehouse.


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