UWB localisation system

System lokalizacyjny UWB

The UWB localisation system is our answer to the needs of efficient management of large-scale warehouses, where the accuracy of tracking objects of interest must be much greater than one metre. The implementation of a network of radio transmitters (called tags) and receivers (called anchors) with operating frequencies in the gigahertz range and a bandwidth of several hundred megahertz, combined with time-based methods of signal analysis, allows us to track objects of interest with high accuracy. In addition, each object-mounted marker can be equipped with a range of sensors to control environmental conditions.

In order to extend the battery life of the marker, functions have been implemented so that the user is only informed of significant changes in the values of key parameters. This allows for long-term continuous operation, thus reducing the cost of operating the system and increasing its maintenance-free status. Replacing the disposable galvanic cell with a rechargeable battery makes the system more environmentally friendly by generating less waste.

The localisation system offered indicates the position of objects of interest in real time. Interaction with the system takes place via a dedicated server application and interactive operator panels incorporating 3D visualisation. The system is easily scalable and has a large operational range. Environmental data is transmitted via a separate communication channel in the form of Bluetooth transmitters and receivers.


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