We offer professional implementation services, installation, configuration and administration of servers based on Windows Server operating systems, servers based on LINUX systems with OPEN SOURCE licenses and MS SQL database servers. In addition, we provide you with care for the computer and office equipment used in the company’s current operations.
We invite you to familiarize yourself with the full offer!

Our services:

  • We implement, configure, substantively support and maintain ERP systems.
  • We provide hardware and software dedicated toretail sales – from simple systems with a cash register to advanced systems based on POS.
  • We prepare additional applications dedicated to the client.
  • We analyze the reconfiguration and optimization of systems implemented by other companies.

We offer:

  • software implementation,
  • supervision over the company network,
  • supervision of computer configurations,
  • management of specialized applications used in the company,
  • making a backup,
  • help in solving everyday problems with computers, software and the network,
  • software update,
  • consultancy in the field of hardware purchases and software development,
  • installation and security of cable networks and Wi-Fi,
  • implementation of IT systems,
  • administration.

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