CBRTI presentations at Doctoral Workshops in Germany

Between 3rd and 5th May, an International Doctoral Workshops (IIPHDW) were held at Wismar Hochschule University (Germany), which is an interdisciplinary forum for academics, scientists and innovative researchers, as well as institutional leaders and managers of units engaged in co-financing scientific research.

The event was a great opportunity to generate interactive discussions on scientific projects, share opinions, and discover new perspectives in various scientific fields. It should be emphasized that the members of the scientific committee of the Interdisciplinary Workshop in Wismar are widely recognized experts with outstanding academic achievements, and also professional experience in EU expert networks as well as in many institutions of the world of science.

As the Rzeszów Information Technology Research and Development Center (CBRTI), we presented two projects in Germany: “Image reconstruction using radio tomography and artificial intelligence in tracking and navigation systems for indoor applications”, by Michał Styła, Bartłomiej Kiczek and Przemysław Adamkiewicz, and “Ultra-wideband technology in distance measurement and data transmission” by Dominik Gnaś and Przemysław Adamkiewicz.
Congratulations to the entire CBRTI team on successful performances!

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