Industrial Beacon

Industrial Beacon is a special type of tomographic radio probe designed for navigation solutions requiring a high degree of integration with the building structure. The cells of the system work together in sixteen-element groups. It is a highly reduced and uniform structure with dimensions of 42 mm x 26 mm, allowing for installation in a standard flush-mounted box. After proper preparation of the monitored object, it allows to completely hide the system and reduce the amount of protruding cabling to zero.

The device complies with the Bluetooth 5 standard and is equipped with two separate ceramic antennas, the transmission of which is controlled by two independent nRF52832 microcontrollers. One is responsible for continuous listening, and the other for transmitting measurement data to the central unit. This solution allows you to take advantage of the full speed and flexibility offered by Bluetooth 5 technology. The device is a module that can be connected to one of two types of power supplies.

In the case of radio tomography it is a PoE (Power over Ethernet) power supply that uses a standard 4-pair twisted-pair internet for power transmission. It should be emphasized that due to the very low total power of the receiving devices, the power supply uses only two pairs, so the other two can still send information.

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