CBRTI: summarizing the 2021 year

Information Technology Research and Development Center Company (CBRTI) from Rzeszów, Poland has another good year behind it. As emphasized by the President of the Board, Przemysław Adamkiewicz, despite the pandemic difficulties and uncertainties on the market, CBRTI managed to lead the development of its projects avoiding any major problems.

In the new office building, currently under construction, located in Science and Technology Park “Rzeszów-Dworzysko”, at the beginning of 2021, specialists from the CBRTI team began installing an ultra-modern technology of radio tomography and – as they proudly emphasize – this is the first project of this type in Poland.

A new quality in industrial monitoring

According to President Adamkiewicz, modern monitoring designed for business needs has never been so efficient and comprehensive, and at the same time so precise. It uses radio tomography technology and is a technological revolution that completely changes the reality of monitoring spaces used in business: offices, industrial and production facilities, warehouses, etc.

The system is based on a network of proprietary beacons operating as transmitters and receivers of radio signals. – They are used to detect, navigate, monitor the location, as well as detect living organisms and to some extent identify elements of inanimate matter – emphasizes Przemysław Adamkiewicz. He adds that tomographic technology successfully replaces the cost-consuming and ineffective monitoring systems based on CCTV cameras, due to limited range and insufficient quality of collected data. Depending on configuration specified by customer, the radio tomograph can function in conjunction with other systems operating in a given circuit.

International recognition

– We presented our navigation system during last year’s Gitex technology fair in Dubai, and I must admit the product aroused great interest among representatives of innovative industries visiting exhibition – adds the President of CBRTI.

According to the PARP (Polish Agency for Enterprise Development) report, CBRTI is one of the national leaders in implementing innovative projects and, thanks to the support of EU funds, a commercialization process of the hybrid navigation system could be initialized. – A visit to the world’s largest technology fair is an element of this process – emphasizes Przemysław Adamkiewicz.

CBRTI also participated in the meeting of the Polish-Arab Economic Forum during the Expo exhibition, which lasts until March this year in Dubai. – The potential of trade with Arab countries is absolutely vast, which was confirmed by all participants of the Forum – says President Adamkiewicz. – In particular, it concerns technologically innovative projects that enjoy great recognition in Arab countries.

Modern building management

Last year, a CBRTI team of experts developed a new project of an ultra-modern solution for comprehensive building management based on hybrid navigation system. This revolutionary tool, in addition to radio tomography technology, uses i.a. computational intelligence methods. – Our building service platform integrates a number of proprietary solutions with these already existing on the market. We used the best communication standards for IoT devices, and software allows you to easily adapt to various types of supported facilities with possibility of integration with Smart Home/Building solutions – says the President of CBRTI. – We also put a lot of emphasis on the visualization of tomographic elements and the presentation of current building’s condition, equipped with a number of software and hardware solutions – adds Przemysław Adamkiewicz.

One of the biggest advantages of CBRTI system is optimization of energy consumption, incl. through direct management of its receivers and appropriately adapted control algorithms. – The technologies used can reduce costs of building management by as much as 15-18 percent – explains CEO of CBRTI.

Innovation and savings for business

At the end of 2021, CBRTI company received official confirmation from Polish Ministry of Development and Technology, maintaining the status of a research and development center. – Thus, we are continuing our innovative activity, constituting the CBR, in accordance with all formal criteria required by the Ministry responsible for economy – says President Adamkiewicz.

What are the plans for 2022? – We have high hopes for the completion of the aforementioned building in the “Dworzysko” zone in Rzeszów. This will enable us to accelerate and intensify our research on modern solutions for business. Certainly, many interesting and inspiring challenges await ahead of us – emphasizes Przemysław Adamkiewicz.

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