CBRTI among Polish innovation leaders

According to the latest PARP (Polish Agency for Enterprise Development) report, we are one of the country leaders in implementing innovative projects.

As the Information Technology Research and Development Center, we are pleased to announce that thanks to the support of EU funds, we have started the commercialization process of one of our flagship projects. It is a hybrid navigation system in buildings, which we are still developing. The main idea of our project is that we could determine the position of personnel in closed rooms with unprecedented precision. This revolutionary system uses state-of-the-art radio tomography (RTI) technology and consists of a network of proprietary sensors (beacons).

At CBRTI, we are convinced that introducing our product to the market will be a success not only for us, but most of all for our clients.

More details on the website: https://en.parp.gov.pl/component/grants/practices

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