CBRTI at the largest technology fair in the world

The world’s largest modern technology fair, Gitex.com, will be held on 17-21 Oct. in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). The event focuses the attention of the world’s most important players specializing in the development and implementation of innovative solutions used in industry, business and almost all areas of life. Gitex is not only a fair, but also numerous congresses, symposia and business meetings, where we will promote our flagship product – a hybrid navigation system in buildings.

The system is a wireless network consisting a set of our originally designed beacons and accompanying supervisory devices. Hybrid beacon has properties useful for the detection of living creatures in closed spaces. The device can also be used to detect some inanimate objects depending on what material they are made of. The navigation system can be used for a variety of purposes, from maintaining a high level of security to guiding the user along a specific path within the facility.

More details about the Dubai Fair: www.gitex.com

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