CBRTI implements the latest standards for business security

A new quality in industrial monitoring

Recently in the office building under construction in the Science and Technology Park “Rzeszów-Dworzysko”, measurement and installation work has begun to implement the ultra-modern technology of radio tomography. As representatives of CBRTI company proudly emphasize, this is the first project of this type implemented in Poland. Modern monitoring designed for business needs has never been so efficient and comprehensive, and at the same time so precise, they add.

The authors of new technological solutions based on modern radio monitoring are experts representing the Research and Development Center for Information Technologies (CBRTI). As emphasized by the members of the CBRTI team, the aim of the project is to implement advanced research works, including the practical use of radio tomography technology in various business areas, e.g. in the industrial production sector. These works will be carried out in the facility in Rzeszów, and the building itself is to be operational later this year.

What is radio tomography?

According to experts, it is a real technological revolution, completely changing the current reality of monitoring spaces used in business: offices, industrial and production halls, warehouses, etc. The system of innovative solutions is based on miniature beacons, operating as transmitters of radio signals according to specific criteria. – They are used to detect, navigate, monitor the location, as well as detect living organisms, as well as, to some extent, to identify elements of inanimate matter – emphasizes Przemysław Adamkiewicz, CEO of CBRTI. He adds that tomographic technology successfully replaces the previously used, cost-intensive, energy-consuming and less effective monitoring systems, based on the use of traditional CCTV cameras with a limited range and insufficient quality of the collected data.
The new tomographic technology creates and examines the cross-sections of objects thanks to the ability to detect and identify emissions of various elements, such as radio waves in the high-frequency range, which are used by mobile devices. The effect of using such waves is a radio tomograph, thanks to which it is possible to perform computer imaging of a given space in 2D, while collecting the necessary data.

Innovation and savings for business

CBRTI experts emphasize the innovative nature of proposed solutions and indicate real benefits that entrepreneurs can profit by using these pioneering technologies. The system is based on newest Bluetooth 5 technology, which is the next stage of wireless communication development, and has already become well established in mobile devices sector. Thanks to its versatility and the possibility of fast transmission of huge data packages, it is an important factor in Internet of Things (IoT). In addition, energy saving functions as one of the basic assumptions here, which allows the use of radio communication even in the most miniaturized devices with limited power supply capacity, often supported by “Energy Harvesting” systems using renewable energy.
Devices operating this radio tomography technology are able to be used for various purposes, such as identification, navigation or even in marketing. From the simplest activities as determining user’s location based on the RSSI indicator, through the acquisition of measurement data, our system enables a new look at the detection measures, location services and precise monitoring. Depending on system’s configuration, individually specified by the Customer, the radio tomograph may fulfill some of its monitoring or detection functions when connected with other systems operating in a given circuit.

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